Spa Slovenia

The thermo-mineral water from Slovenia has always been a source of health and welfare. They help us to take care of ourselves. Slovenian spas combine different natural characteristics, hundreds of years of healing, and contemporary medical approaches. 

Slovenia has 87 natural springs of thermal and mineral water. Fifteen certified natural spas can be found in the Pannonian Plain and the south-east part of the country to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. World-renowned drinking mineral springs, which are also used for health therapies, can be found in the immediate vicinity of these spas.

The best medical knowledge from Slovenian spas is combined with the ancient powers of nature and with hundreds of years of experience in the thermal water use. They are complemented by the typical characteristics of each individual spa center and other modern ways of relaxation.

Slovenian spas provide all types of accommodations: five starts hotels, apartments, bungalows, and camping zones.

Dolenjske toplice

Terme Dolenjske Toplice

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Dolenjske Toplice is a health resort with a long tradition. With the modern offer of the thermal resort, medical care, and other services, it is an attractive destination for guests who want to relax in nature, enjoy the beneficial effects … Read More

Terme Vivat

Terme Vivat

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Terme Vivat is quietly located on the outskirts of the city. Ideal for relaxation and rehabilitation. Moravske Toplice is known for its black and white thermal waters. The resort is composed of indoor pools, outdoor pools, saunas, wellness center, Thai … Read More

Terme Zrece

Terme Zreče

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Terme Zreče is a spa resort that has every facility you need. At just one hour away from the beautiful capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, the resort is a quick and relaxing getaway from your everyday life.  Here you can find … Read More

Thermana lasko

Thermana Laško

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Thermana Laško is a beautiful thermal water resort just 12 km away from the city Celje. Firstly, the complex offers a large variety of accommodations. From four stars hotel to parking for campers and retirement home. Secondly, there is a … Read More

Terme dobrna

Terme Dobrna

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Terme Dobrna is the oldest thermal spa in Slovenia. Its thermal water was used for maintaining good health and relaxation since 1403. The Spa has in its perimeter three hotels and one villa where you can spend the night in … Read More

Terme Olimia outside

Terme Olimia

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Terme Olimia is located in the town Podčetrtek and hosts on its premises three Wellness Centers: Wellness Orhidelija, Family Wellness Termalija, Wellness hotel Sotelia and the Thermal Park Aqualuna. Hotel Sotelia is connected to the other wellness centers through an … Read More

Terme Čatež inside pools

Terme Čatež

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Terme Čatež is the largest Slovenia Thermal Spa entertainment park but yet surrounded by relaxing landscapes and peaceful atmospheres. Here you can find numerous thermal pools with water currents, waves, and waterfalls which make you enjoy the time regardless of … Read More