Smarna gora

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In the Atlas of Slovenia one can find two peaks – Grmada and Šmarna gora – marked on an isolated hill in the middle of the Ljubljana basin. The eastern peak bears the name Šmarna gora (669 m), mostly named just Gora by the locals, that is approximately 350 m higher than the lowlands surrounding it. Earlier this peak was called Holm, which meant an isolated elevation from all sides. Later on the Gora was considered as pilgrimage trail, which also gave the Šmarna gora its current name.The western peak, the Grmada of Šmarna gora or, shortly Grmada (676 m) is 7 metres higher from its eastern neighbour. The name originates from the time of Turkish incursions. Because of its position there was observatory and people used bonfires to signal to close and far about the nearing danger of Turkish robbing incursions.

Šmarna gora and Grmada are intertwined by numerous trails and footpaths that take the climbers, trippers, recreational sportspeople and other nature lovers to both peaks with splendid views of the nearer and the farther surrounding places. On the paths and trails we are guided by many signposts and blazes.

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