Day trips from Ljubljana



Many people that come to Slovenia go straight to Ljubljana and make it the starting point for their trips.

This is actually a good strategy, as Ljubljana conveniently lies in the center of Slovenia. And besides that, Slovenia is fairly small – you can reach most of its corners in just a couple of hours’ drive.

In this section, you’ll find suggestions for day trips, all starting from Ljubljana.

I’ll try to keep a comprehensive format, where I first explain why you should visit a destination and then explain how to get there.


Lake Bled – The crown jewel of Slovenia

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Lake Bled could easily be dubbed the crown jewel of Slovenia, as it is one of the most beautiful as well as most visited places in the country. The small island with a picture-perfect church on it is what makes … Read More


Zalec – The town of green gold

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In the Savinja valley, the so-called land of green gold, lies the town Zalec. To a passer-by, it may seem like just another small countryside town, but it is a unique place you won’t find easily.  This area got dubbed … Read More