Lake Bled – The crown jewel of Slovenia

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Lake Bled could easily be dubbed the crown jewel of Slovenia, as it is one of the most beautiful as well as most visited places in the country. The small island with a picture-perfect church on it is what makes Bled a unique destination. 

At one side of the lake, you’ll find a cliff, and a castle on top of it, overlooking the lake and making the place even more breathtaking. 

About Bled

The town of Bled lies just beside the lake. It is a small and quaint countryside town and fits perfectly with the sights nearby.

Bled is a perfect destination for a day trip – especially if you’re starting off from Ljubljana. Ljubljana and Bled are about 55km apart, so you can be back on the same day.

Beside the lake, Bled is also famous for its traditional local pastry – Kremšnita. The name means cream cake and is quite self-explanatory. It makes for a great snack after a leisurely walk along the lake.

For more information, visit the town’s official website.

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

What to see besides Bled?

Lake bled indeed is beautiful, but so are its surroundings. You can bully experience Bled in just one day, so if you plan to stay there longer, you won’t run out of things to do so easily. 

So here are some of the things you can check out near Bled:

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj

However, do keep in mind that local transport isn’t the best, so if you plan to visit these sights, it’s best to go with your own (or rented) car.

How to reach Bled from Ljubljana

Bled lies about 55km from Ljubljana, which makes for about 45-minute drive. If you travel by car, simply take the northern highway towards Jesenice. After about half an hour, take the exit for Bled and follow the road signs.

You can, of course, also reach Bled by public transport. The best way is to take a bus from Ljubljana bus station. The ride takes about an hour and costs 6.3€ (last checked in July 2020). 

Alternatively, you can also reach Bled by train. Going this way is not as straightforward, as you don’t want to ride the train all the way to Bled train station. You can, but you’ll make a huge detour. Instead, you’ll need to get off at Lesce train station and take a local bus to Bled. 

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