Hi, I’m Luka. Welcome to my blog! 

I’m from Slovenia, and I spent most of my time here. Let me share with you my story about how and why I decided to start this blog.

I discovered traveling soon after starting college. And like for most other young students, it made quite an impression on me too. I learned that discovering new places, meeting interesting people, and experiencing other countries is something unique.

I never just left to travel full-time, but traveling was still one of my favorite things, so I took a trip whenever I could. I lived abroad for a while too, which is also quite an experience.

After a while, I started comparing Slovenia to the other countries I’ve visited. I saw some amazing things on my travels, but it slowly made me think about the beauties that have always been around me. For me, it was simply my home, since I’ve known it since ever, and I saw it so many times already.

But then I came to realize that all the visitors, that come to Slovenia, see it a bit like I saw other countries on my trips. After all, people from over the world come and visit this country.

So I decided to start this blog. I figured many are considering visiting Slovenia, but can’t really decide if they should. And others may visit, but miss out on some of the most beautiful, but lesser-known sights. Either way, my goal was – and is – to create something helpful and to help you truly experience Slovenia.

Now I live in Ljubljana and have a day job. I still enjoy traveling, and take a trip whenever I can, but I just as much enjoy discovering Slovenia. I’ve learned that I still have much to see, despite the country’s size, and the time I spent here. 

So to end my story – I plan to stay in Slovenia, and spend my summers here exploring it, and spend my winters writing about my trips, and creating content for you to enjoy.

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