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Hi, I’m Luka. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a traveler from Slovenia that decided to make blog – but not about traveling itself, but about my beautiful home country. On this site, you’ll find many handy tips and all information you need to truly discover and experience Slovenia. 


Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia. It is the capital of Slovenia, but also one of the smallest and greenest capitals in Europe – it has been voted Europe’s green capital in 2016. It looks and feels much like other European cities, but it has a nicer, more chill vibe to it. It has that idyllic old town center, and a lack of tightly packed downtowns, full of skyscrapers. Read more

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Terme Maribor

Terme Maribor resort is located at the edge of Maribor, which is the second largest Slovenian city. Guests can stay in the main hotel at the location but the resort also allows you to choose…

Terme Snovik

Terme Snovik lies in a pretty remote location while also being only 15 minutes away from the nearest city. The resort is located at the edge of a forest and takes a lot of inspiration…

Zdravilišče Rogaška

Zdravilišče Rogaška is primarily a health resort, located in the southeast part of Slovenia, near the Croatian border. The resort is especially well-known for it its thermal, mineral water. It is the richest mineral water…

Terme Banovci

Terme Banovci resort is located in the Notrh-East part of Slovenia. The area is relatively well-known for its superior wine and good food, and you can enjoy some of the traditional dishes right at the…

Radenci health resort

Radenci spa and health resort offers a wide range of vitalizing and relaxing treatments. Bathing in water with some of the world’s highest CO2 content has a beneficial effect on the health, the heart, the…

Terme Cerkno

Cerkno is home to the only Slovenian thermal spa under the Julian Alps, which is actually considered one of the smaller Slovenian thermal spas. The thermal water is rich with minerals and has a beneficial…

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Getting around Slovenia

Getting around Slovenia is not difficult, but it does require some planning. Since this is a question that concerns almost all visitors to Slovenia, I’ve decided to give you an overview of what you can…

Where to go in Slovenia in 2020

Where to go in Slovenia It seems that planning a trip to Slovenia is a pretty straightforward task for most visitors. People usually only visit Ljubljana and Bled, and then continue their journey elsewhere in…

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